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Understanding Group Flights

Understanding Group Flights
When you are flying with a group of people, making a group flight reservation is necessary. Group flight bookings are created differently from individual reservations. There is a different set of regulations and rules that are agreed upon in the contract. It can get a bit confusing, here is your quick guide to understanding group flights

What is the Difference Between a Group and an Individual Reservation?
When making a group reservation, you are essentially promising the airplane that a certain number of people will all be traveling on the same flight. For doing this, the airline is able to offer a group rate for tickets. They also allow you to hold tickets with a deposit and to drop seats within a specified period of time.
An individual reservation gives the passenger greater flexibility. With a single seat booking, you can change your route, upgrade your seat, and get a refund. Sometimes individual seats are less expensive online too. However, if you are purchasing multiple tickets, a group reservation is the smart way to go.

What Should I Expect With a Group Reservation?
With group bookings, you can expect your whole group to be on the same flight. Your group will know your flight schedule eight to ten months before your trip and your Driver and Tour Manager will be able to monitor your departure and arrival. At check in, each member of your group will be assigned a seat within your assigned block.

Deviation vs. Land Only
If you are unable to make your groups flights, there are other options.
Deviation- This option is only allowed on the return trip. This allows you to request a flight to the same city on a different date. This option is only available if there is space available. You will be charged a deviation fee and any additional fare from the airline.
Land Only- If deviation does not fit your needs or you need arrangements from a different city, the land only option will be your best choice. This allows you to arrange your own flights and gives you more control over your booking. If you prefer to choose your own seat, use frequent flyer miles, or want to fly to a different city from the group, then this is a great option for you.
Check with your tour organizer to discuss what the best option for your situation would be.

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