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UPDATE (5.07.2020): In response to our current and ever-evolving environment, World Cultural Tours (WCT) has implemented further precautions to protect the health and safety of our clients, employees, and surrounding communities. 

Additionally and in adherence to local regulations, WCT employees will be working remotely until further notice. 

Please note that at this time we are experiencing an extremely high volume of requests, therefore our response times may be delayed.  However, please review the following FAQ's and their subsequent answers/directives as they may directly apply to you and assist you with any inquiry or concern you are currently facing.

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and taking every precaution to protect your health.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected individuals, families, communities, and businesses around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) and COVID-19 (Coronavirus 2019)

Updated April 3, 2020

IMPORTANT: For specific questions related to your upcoming trip, group leaders may directly contact their tour consultants. Group tour travelers should communicate directly with their group leader for updates.

Will my tour, event, or program be cancelled due to the current COVID-19 situation?

  • WCT is working diligently and directly with group tour leaders who have notified us of a tour’s cancellation. Since each group tour is purely customized, we must work on a case by case basis and are handling programs in the order of their departure dates, working with the most imminent first.

I have a question about Travel Insurance/Protection. Help!

I am worried about traveling later this year. What should I do?

  • The COVID-19 situation is quickly changing and constantly evolving. Therefore, based on your date of departure and destination, WCT recommends closely monitoring how this situation develops before making any decisions.

I’m having a hard time getting in touch with someone.

  • WCT absolutely apologizes that we cannot offer you the prompt and efficient customer service that we usually do at this time. As you can imagine, we are currently experiencing extremely high volumes of calls and emails. Therefore, our regular response times may be delayed. We are doing everything to provide our clients with the best customer service possible at this time. However, the following information may be exactly what you are looking for:

    • For any questions regarding Travel Insurance/Protection:

    • If you are a paying passenger of a cancelled 2020 tour, and have a question about any money being refunded to you, please note that due to the high number of requests being processed by our Accounting Department, the current turnaround time for issuing refunds is 45 business days from the date upon which WCT received written notification of cancellation.

      • Our Accounting Department will not field any questions regarding refunds until after the 45 business days.

    • For all other inquiries, please email

Why can’t I get a full cash refund?

  • WCT operates custom-built group tours which requires a significant amount of planning and initial financial investment to ensure an ideal tour experience at an optimal price. The nonrefundable and unrecoverable investments WCT must make on behalf of a group, therefore, protects the quality and price of the tour for its travelers.

  • WCT is also working with airlines and other suppliers and venders to recoup any travel credits for groups that cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation. At present and due to specific industry uncertainties, airlines, suppliers, and vendors are only offering service vouchers that require redemption within one (1) calendar year.

If the tour I’m signed up for cancels or changes, what would that look like?

  • Just as each group tour that we operate is custom-build to meet the specific needs of its group, then in the event that a group must cancel and postpone their travel arrangements, WCT will collaborate directly with the group leader to decide what options will most benefit their travelers. Therefore, each decision will be unique to your group.

  • If you tour has already been cancelled, please await further information from your group leader.

What should I do if my group has not yet rescheduled our tour?

  • Rest assured, there is nothing you need to do now. Given the circumstances, it may take your Group Leader some time to work through the details of setting up a new tour. We have your Future Travel Voucher on file and recommend you stay in communication with your Group Leader on next steps.


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